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However unique your project, there’s always an opportunity to maximise its potential. So let us apply our passion, knowledge, and expertise to help find the best opportunities for you.  
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At RPM, it always starts with in-depth research and data-driven insights.
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As the Platinum Research Partner of the UDIA, our Research & Data division is industry-renowned for our expert advice, guidance, and subsequent success.  

Our in-house team of analysts, economists, and researchers gather real-time data from over 300 estates across Victoria, compare market trends, and make educated industry forecasts.

This underpins our core strategic decision-making - ensuring we continue to pioneer new benchmarks in market intelligence, know-how, and innovation.

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Transactions & Advisory

Our dedicated Transactions & Advisory division is research backed and relationship driven.

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Project Marketing

We pride ourselves in our ability to transform good projects into exceptional communities.

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Property Management

We are dedicated to ensuring investors are supported through every step of their portfolio journey.

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What is Living Data and how is it a game changer?
Living Data is as much about our passion for delivering the highest standards of information as it is about delivering results, and increasing the living opportunities for buyers across the country. We’ve built a team of people who love what they do; a team working together sharing insights, opinions, possibilities and outcomes for clients.
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