Living Data with RPM

Living Data by RPM

Data-driven insights that unlock Australia’s property potential.

In 1994, we made our mark on the Victorian property landscape by pioneering data-driven insights that inform property decisions.

Today, we have established a national presence as the Platinum Research Partner of the UDIA - leading the nation in property research, real-time data, and insights; our Living Data that changes with the ebbs and flows of the market.

Living Data is as much about our passion for delivering the highest standards of information as it is about increasing opportunities for buyers across the country. We’ve built a team of in-house researchers, analysts, and economists who are known for their expertise in translating raw, organic data into meaningful insights that Australia’s leading property professionals base their decisions on; including government bodies, developers, trade and consumer groups.

This is because Living Data by RPM is the most current, real-time data that lives, breathes, and constantly changes alongside our dynamic property market.

Bringing more depth and understanding to our $9 trillion residential property market.

While we’re focused on Living Data as a company, we are even more focused on helping you understand and unlock your property’s potential through every stage of your project lifecycle. We view the raw data as part of the larger picture - within the context of our ever-changing landscape - to help you identify and maximise your opportunities.

For everyone at RPM, Living Data represents our passion for proven, data-driven insights, investments, and successes.

Our full-service offering leverages the unique and timely data captured by our division; ensuring our advice and recommendations are guided by the market trends and forecasts. From Transactions & Advisory to Project Marketing and beyond, our data-driven insights demystify an often-complex industry to unlock your property potential.

Knowing that we help unlock the inherent value of property for all Australians drives us to work together, providing a greater result because we have the property landscape covered from every aspect.

Benefits of Living Data by RPM

We offer weekly, monthly, and quarterly insights as standard, but understand your unique project requirements may need a more tailored approach.

We can customise our reporting to reflect a location that matters to you; ensuring that should the market shift, you will be the first to know. Receiving first-hand data ensures you’re the first to react – that's the advantage of Living Data by RPM.

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