Unlocking the value of development land requires more than a simple transaction. Our Transactions & Advisory (T&A) division offers strategic advisory services for experienced developers and private landowners – empowering both parties to tap into the true potential of development land across the east coast of Australia.

Our T&A team’s advantage lies n its ability to leverage RPM Group’s in-house research capabilities, proprietary mapping data, and deep industry knowledge of local areas.

Referencing SEQ’s dynamic land market, Tim Hyland, National Strategy Manager of Transactions & Advisory, articulates the critical need for research-backed, strategic advisory services for both parties. “Whether we’re speaking to landowners or developers, we know that investing in land requires careful consideration and strategic planning,” he notes.

“Our advisory approach enables us to identify opportunities early in the process, mitigate risks, and create value for our clients in alignment with their unique objectives.”

“Navigating the complexities of land acquisition requires expert guidance,” Tim adds, referring to his dedicated team specialising in development land transactions and the wealth of experience that comes with analysing over 10,000 sites in the SEQ region alone. This profound understanding of the SEQ landscape (alongside NSW and VIC) includes each region’s unique policies and regulatory frameworks This informs the team’s recommendations that are aimed at maximising opportunities while actively minimising risks.


At the core of T&A’s advisory process lies RPM’s proprietary GIS mapping capability – a sophisticated database that allows for precise analysis of land parcels. This proprietary information takes multiple factors into consideration to paint a detailed picture of a property’s potential; enabling the division to effectively assess risks and opportunities.

“Our advisory services encompass thorough due diligence processes aimed at mitigating risks associated with land purchases,” Tim explains. “De-risking the purchase process means developers can navigate potential challenges with confidence.”

The T&A division also offers personalised strategies and expert guidance to private landowners seeking to maximise the value of their holdings. “We understand this can be a big decision, particularly if this land has been held by families for generations,” he notes. Through collaborative consultations and comprehensive assessments, the division equips landowners with the knowledge and tools for making informed decisions that align with their goals.

“Understanding the nuances of your landholding is essential to tapping into its true value; our advisory services are designed to empower landowners and developers with the insights they need to unlock hidden opportunities.”

This article references findings from our May 2024 SEQ Greenfield Market Report.